Thursday, 27 August 2009

"Golf is a bourgeois sport."

Hugo Chavez president of Venezuela is on a nationalisation binge and is seizing the assets of foreign owned businesses but apparently he has only the people’s well being in mind as he brings the total of golf courses closed by him to nine in three years. The three latest closures were courses that were built near oil refineries so that American workers could have something to do in their spare time, besides rolling into the nearest village in search of drink and wimmin."I respect all sports, but there are sports and there are sports“ he chirped.

Mr. Chavez, admired by his people for his weekly live broadcasts, which can go on for days, went on to snicker at golf players who transport their balls around in golf carts and was quite haughty in his demeanour as he attacked the golfing world with the rhetorical “Do you mean to tell me this is a people's sport?". Maybe not Hugo, but please understand that golfers are not lazy. For example, bad player that I am, I use golf carts occasionally but only for the sake of my balls which, if you ever saw them and how bruised and swollen they become when I am finished with them, then you might understand and have a little more room in your heart for golfers and forgive us our little indulgences.

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